Emergency Mode in VMWARE Workstation 15

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Emergency Mode in VMWARE Workstation 15

Post by elzerl » 2020/09/18 01:07:47

Hi, i have problem with my centos, i can't go login, just show the emergency mode, this is happen when I was remove the hard drive and put it back,
i need to go to save my files there,, this journal in attached

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Re: Emergency Mode in VMWARE Workstation 15

Post by TrevorH » 2020/09/18 07:13:03

If you removed a disk and are now entering emergency mode at boot then it sounds like you forgot to remove all filesystems from /etc/fstab that refer to them. Boot into emergency mode then hit Ctrl-D to exit it and boot uup. Now edit /etc/fstab and see what is in there that no longer exists, comment it out and reboot again.
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