RTX4000 doesn't work with centos 7.8

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RTX4000 doesn't work with centos 7.8

Post by lvp9 » 2020/08/18 16:27:33


HW of my computer :
GPU : RTX4000

This is my problem :

I tried to install centos 7.8 on my computer but i encountred somes problems, the first one was to install centos7.8.
I got a freeze on my screen after choosing "install centos 7.8.." (on the same computer the centos7.5 is working)

So i changed the USB, i changed the ISO, but still the same problem.

So i decided to change my graphic card for a K4000 and it works ! just to know, i switch the GPU (K4000 with the RTX4000) and i installed the drivers for my RTX4000 (following the tutorials for installing NVIDIA DRIVERS on CENTOS https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install- ... os-7-linux)

I putted back my RTX4000 and now it's not freezing anymore(i tried first to switch the GPU after installing the centos7.8, but was freezing) but now i got some errors message when it boot, and it's not possible to enter in my GNOME INTERFACE.
But i can enter in the OS with the cmdline.

Someone already encounter the same problem and got the solutions ? Or maybe the centos7.8 doesn't support new graphic card (i don't believe that !)

THE SAME PROBLEM arrive when i put the RTX2070 SUPER.

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Re: RTX4000 doesn't work with centos 7.8

Post by BShT » 2020/08/18 18:16:47

we need to know about " errors message when it boot" to help you

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