C7 Installer Boot fails

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C7 Installer Boot fails

Post by koffeiniker » 2020/08/06 02:00:59

I just built this system:
Gigabyte B450M, 16GB, AMD Ryzen3 3200G, several disks
I downloaded the actual CentOS 7 installer (full, 10GB) and flashed this to USB using baleaEtcher.

Booting the stick works as far as the boot menu. Selecting install, I get to see the kernel starting, the usual 4 pengiuns and about a dozen log lines before the screen blanks and I see nothing: dead!

Using the fallback in the troubleshooting menu seems to work.

I assume it is the 3200G Picasso with its APU causing the problem.

What boot prompt options would possibly help be out of this problem?

Best regards!

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Re: C7 Installer Boot fails

Post by TrevorH » 2020/08/06 08:39:33

Use the basic video option in the Troubleshooting menu to get installed then fix the problem once the system is up and running and you have more diagnostic tools available.
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