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Iomega 1080Fi tape drive

Posted: 2020/04/16 16:52:52
by someotherguy
I have an old Iomega 1080Fi tape drive and a drawer full of tapes for it. I'm trying to see if I can use it to back up my Centos 7 home server. The tape drive has a floppy drive interface, so I obtained a USB to floppy adapter. lsusb shows the adapter as Bus 001 Device 014: ID 0644:0000 TEAC Corp. Floppy. I see no evidence that the tape drive is recognized. I've played with usb_modeswitch, but it doesn't seem to like the 0000 product ID, giving me the error message "No default vendor/product ID given. Abort". I've been able to find an Iomega vendor ID, but not a product ID for the tape drive. Is this a hopeless quest?

Re: Iomega 1080Fi tape drive

Posted: 2020/04/16 21:05:25
by TrevorH
Probably not the answer you want to hear but that's ancient and they were utter rubbish even in their day (which was about 25 years ago) and as far as I can gather from Google, they only took 250MB tapes. I used to have a QIC 80 tape drive in those days and it took about 4 hours to back up a few hundred MB of data, made an awful lot of noise while doing it and, worst of all, it was an utter crapshoot as to whether there was any chance of getting the data back off it again if you needed it.

Buy a USB stick and back up to that. According to wikipedia, the top speed of a QIC 80 tape was 62.5kB/s. Even the cheapest USB stick will outperform that by at least an order of magnitude.

Re: Iomega 1080Fi tape drive

Posted: 2020/04/17 17:15:46
by someotherguy
Pretty much the conclusion I came to. Thanks for taking the time to reply.