Audio output settings

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Audio output settings

Post by svens1978 » 2020/03/16 09:09:05

I have Dell Precision 5520, with thunderbolt docking station.
Running CentOS 7.6
Attached to the dock, via DP, is a Dell monitor with built in speakers.
I have set this up as one display (to the Dell monitor), so not doing mirroring or extending.

Issue I have seen few times is some times, audio switches to laptop speakers from monitor speakers. Is there a way, I can set the audio to always use monitor speakers if it is plugged in?

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Re: Audio output settings

Post by bonedome » 2020/03/17 22:39:25

I suppose the easiest way would be to install pavucontrol, there's a version in the nux repo or pavucontrol-qt in epel and choose the audio with that.

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Re: Audio output settings

Post by tunk » 2020/03/18 10:52:52

And run yum update to get 7.7.

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