Frieze / processus kworker

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Frieze / processus kworker

Post by ptitbou » 2020/01/23 10:55:18

I have download Centos7 on a DELL station.
Sometimes, all the OS become very very slow and I must to reboot the station to find a normal functioning.
In a terminal, I have written the command "top" and I have see that the processus kworker/u+ uses more than 50% of the CPU.
Do you know how may I resolve the problem please ?

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Re: Frieze / processus kworker

Post by TrevorH » 2020/01/23 11:16:30

You need to expand your terminal width to fit the rest of the output in as that "kworker/u+" is showing you that it has been truncated.

This ... eads-names appears to describe what the kworker threads do.

I would guess that you have some hardware that is generating thousands of interrupts and the system is spending all its time processing them. Look in /proc/interrupts for a list of the interrupt numbers in use and their hit counters. Watch the numbers increase and see if one is gaining counters at a large rate. Now see what driver is listed on the right hand end of the line with the rapidly increasing numbers.
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Re: Frieze / processus kworker

Post by ptitbou » 2020/01/24 16:20:46

Thank you for you help.
I am sorry for my first image of terminal. I join to this email an larger image.
The kworker is kworker:u/896:2.
I have also done /proc/interrupts few hours before a frieze period and during the frieze . I join you the listing.
Number process change. The most change seems to appear with
Non-maskable interrupts; Local timer interrupts; Performance monitoring interrupts; Rescheduling interrupts and TLB shootdowns.
/proc/interruts during frizing
(7.72 KiB) Downloaded 11 times
/proc/interrupts before friezing
(7.72 KiB) Downloaded 7 times
image of "top" command
image of "top" command
PB_frieze.png (178.76 KiB) Viewed 280 times

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