Suggestions for Intel i9 based build for CentOS

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Suggestions for Intel i9 based build for CentOS

Post by intelintel » 2019/12/31 06:29:58


I am considering to build a i9 based system (specifically i9-9900k) to run CentOS 7.x. This system will be installed together with 1-2GPUs, e.g RTX20xx series (2080ti or 2070super), 1x SATA Hard Disk and preferably 1x NVMe M.2 / SATA SSD drive, and probably 32GB RAM. It will mainly be used to run both CPU based simulations and CUDA based application.

I have worked with several server and workstation builds (Xeon based) and most of these setups are quite straight forward as it is supported in RHEL thus running CentOS is not much an issue. My main worry is whether CentOS could run out of the box or with minimal modification (changing kernel params, compiling drivers/kernels, etc) on this kind of desktop hardware (motherboard, CPU).

Does anyone here who has run almost similar i9 system with CentOS successfully and mind to share your hardware setup? Any suggestion or recommendation on the parts which I should use for this setup? Or probably it would be best for me to revert to a RHEL supported setup?

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