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One X Session per screen with Nvidia card

Posted: 2019/11/15 13:41:56
by Chestnut

I'm trying to use the functionaility "One X session for each screen" on a PC with CentOS 7.7 (MATE Desktop), a Nvidia NVS 310 card and 2 monitors plugged in this card.
I have installed the last NVS 310 driver from Nvidia (n°390.129).
It's OK at first boot when the 2 monitors have the same X screen session.
Then I run 'nvidia-settings', and set the 2nd monitor with a new X session (X screen 1), different than the first monitor (X screen 0).
After relogging, the 2nd screen is black (right-click do nothing), the 2 panels are empty, and there are double icons on the panels of the first screen.

It worked fine with a NVS 300 card and CentOS 6 / Gnome.

I don't know where the problem lies (card, driver, nvidia-settings, ...).

Thank you for any help,