PCI passthrough error

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PCI passthrough error

Post by bvn » 2019/07/20 22:58:42

I have another virt-manager pass-through problem. It is with the Ableconn PEX-SA130 2-port eSATA-III two lane AHCI port multiplier. It uses the ASMedia ASM1062 chipset. I have two of them installed on pci-01.00.0 and pci-02.00.0. Each one has two external drive towers, and each of those has 4 drive bays (16 drive bays in total. Each adapter is passed-through to a different guest, video-nas (Raid 1) and backup-nas (JBOD - LVM + RAID1)

The problem is the first pass-through always works and the second doesn't - it doesn't matter which is first. When I attempt to activate the second guest, it fails and reports that pci-01.00.0 is in use by the first guest, even when the first guest is using pci-02.00.0.
- the problem is not guest specific
- when I pass-through both AHCI adapters to a single guest the pass-through works correctly (all 4 external tower's drives are visible and the arrays assemble correctly)

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