[PROBLEMS] FN Brightness Not working

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[PROBLEMS] FN Brightness Not working

Post by benyaminl » 2019/06/05 05:27:22

Hello. I'm a new member of centos.
I use centOS on thinkpad X240, after a week without issue with the fn key, suddenly today it can't raise or lower the screen brightness for no reason. I alrady go to #centos channel and no help wa given, I hope maybe someone can giving me a hunch, hint, or maybe help to fix this problem.

The fn lower and fn higher brightness booth are readed by xev, and when I press the booth button, it will show the brightness form/pop up. and last thing, I can lower the brightness via panel n XFCE, but only not working on the button that X240 have. Thanks.

*Problem is solved by reinstalling GNOME and let GNOME stay in the way.

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