Analog sound on Alienware A51 R2 system

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Analog sound on Alienware A51 R2 system

Post by Totally_Lost » 2019/05/28 06:00:46

I'm a bit at a loss on this, converting the system from Fedora to CentOS 7 64bit. Sound works find when booting into Win7, so it's not a hardware issue. Used to work fine several months ago under Fedora, but hasn't worked since I reloaded with CentOS 7.

System control panel under KDE multimedia loads Phonon, which after selecting Built-in analog stereo, is unable to get sound out for the left-right test, and the settings do not seem to stick between invocations of the Phonon setup. Don't get any output from youtube video's either.

Saw a reference from another post, that ALSA should be used, but don't see those utilities visible from KDE, and the command line tty version of alsamixer don't seem to configure sound for youtube playback under Firefox either.


I've attached the alsainfo output (with a few lines removed so it fits in 8K)
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