Gesture recognition support with touchscreen

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Gesture recognition support with touchscreen

Post by jbo » 2019/03/07 14:07:26


I'm working on the PCAP3062 touchsceen set up in CENTOS 7. the goal is to use the touchscreen with a java application. Advanced gesture recognition (Zoom, Rotation etc) is needed for this application.

I installed the eGTouch_v2.5.4330 driver and then try to get event from the touchscreen with the given GetEvent tool. It's worked very well, all the 10 touch points are detected.

But when I launch the Java application only swipe and simple touch are recognized. I found that I need a gesture recognition module between the driver and the java application.

Is someone could tell me if I'm right ? If not, could you quickly explain me the basis please and what misses me ?
And is there a gesture recognition module available on CENTOS7 ? I heard about touchegg on other distributon but I unfortunatly nothing for CENTOS during my search.

Thank to everyone who wants to help me.


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