Add a Video Card, Lose CPU GPU Graphics

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Add a Video Card, Lose CPU GPU Graphics

Post by Quantum` » 2018/05/18 05:36:40

Added an nVidia 1060 graphics card to the Asus mobo, and from then on graphics only came out of that card. In the Mobo BIOS I have Graphics set to the (Intel Xeon) CPU, but it still insists on sending the graphics out the new card.

Remove the card and I get CPU GPU graphics.

The whole idea is I need to pass the new GPU through to a KVM VM, and so must blacklist the nouveau driver in both modprobe.d and the kernel command-line of the ring0. But as soon as I do that I got the normal text bootup log on the mobo HDMI, but no KDE. It just comes to a stop in the boot.

<Ctl><Alt><F2> and I log in to find that Xorg had crashed. I suspect that it's only prepared to deal with the nVidia card, and when its driver is not there it blows its brains out.


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