Trying to Kickstart IBM 3650 with centos 7.1

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Trying to Kickstart IBM 3650 with centos 7.1

Post by jab2805 » 2015/04/09 18:55:27

The kick start fails with the following message:

Warning : /dev/root does not exist

I have attach a screen shot.
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Re: Trying to Kickstart IBM 3650 with centos 7.1

Post by TrevorH » 2015/04/09 20:49:32

You don't say what you are booting from - DVD? USB? PXE? In addition, the interesting portions of the messages that would have been useful are the ones off the top of your screenshot.

Did you verify your ISO file download is correct? Did you burn it to DVD correctly? If using a USB stick did you create it using the guidelines in the wiki - i.e. using dd or rawrite2 not some random "create a bootable usb stick" program found on the net (most of which don't work for the CentOS DVD).
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