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Touchscreen support

Posted: 2015/02/24 09:27:06
by christos
Hi All, I am working with some Linux Kiosk systems, currently running Centos5, with USB touchscreens using the 'usbtouchscreen.ko" input driver.

Centos 6 also has this driver in the PlusDistro, but Centos 7 only has 2 Wacom drivers in
the modules directory tree.
There were other issues with the change of X server in Centos6
that stopped the touchscreen working properly, so I was stuck with Centos 5.

From Centos 6
[Centos32 touchscreen]$ pwd
[Centos32 touchscreen]$ ls
ad7879.ko gunze.ko mtouch.ko touchwin.ko
eeti_ts.ko htcpen.ko penmount.ko tsc2007.ko
elo.ko inexio.ko touchit213.ko usbtouchscreen.ko
fujitsu_ts.ko mcs5000_ts.ko touchright.ko wacom_w8001.ko

I would like to upgrade from Centos 5 to centos 7 soonish
Are there any plans to release a 'touchscreen' rpm to provide the rest of the drivers?

if not... I guess I'll need to compile 'usbtouchscreen.ko' for each kernel release :-(

The touchscreen works perfectly with the latest Ubuntu and OpenSuse Distros,
but the application is really structured for Centos/RHEL.

Thanks for reading this request.
Any Ideas??