Latest Update Broke My Mouse and Keyboard !?!?

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Latest Update Broke My Mouse and Keyboard !?!?

Post by nomaam » 2015/02/13 05:29:50

I am running CentOS 7 and there was a small update pushed out today 2015-feb-9. I ran the install and my mouse / keyboard stopped working after a few minutes.

I am running through a kvm and my mouse / keyboard work on several other machines as I switch through them.

I restarted the server and my mouse / keyboard work fine for a few minutes, then they stop working all together. Mouse cursor even disappears.

I then hooked directly to the machine bypassing the kvm and the same problem occurred. Works for a few minutes after a fresh boot then stops working.

I tried two different keyboards and mouses. Microsoft and Fujitsu combos (all wired).

Never experienced anything like this.

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this? So far I like CentOS but if I can't fix this I will have to go back to Debian and reinstall everything...

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