HELP,can not install centos 7 on Lenovo ThinkCentre m6200t

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HELP,can not install centos 7 on Lenovo ThinkCentre m6200t

Post by iamglad » 2015/01/22 06:35:01

when I try to install centos 7 on the ThinkCentre M6200t, it gives a error that kernel panic is not syncing ,fatal exception.
I have tried to install with a 6.6 ISO and USB storage device,neither worked.
because other dell pc installs the operation system successfully, the iso should be right .
I have tried change the sata mode ,disable audio card、 netword card , neither worked.
when I disabled the pcie viedio card , screen messs.

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Re: HELP,can not install centos 7 on Lenovo ThinkCentre m620

Post by TrevorH » 2015/01/22 09:00:05

How did you create your USB stick? The only supported methods are to use the dd command or, on Windows, using rawrite2. Many other applications rewrite the iso image as it's being copied and do not preserve the way in which it is set up. While the resulting USB stick may boot on some machines, others with different set ups, e.g UEFI vs legacy BIOS, may refuse to boot as the code for that method has been corrupted. So, first check your iso image md5/shasum is correct. If it is then copy the iso image to your USB stick using dd or rawrite2 and retry the boot.
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