Support for F2FS type Hardware

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Support for F2FS type Hardware

Post by moucina » 2014/11/14 06:18:07

Hello Guys,

I have been running Centos 7 from my Laptop off a 64G SDHC card for a while (writing this from it) . The formatting I have used on the partitions has been a modified ext4 , which is ok but not as efficient as F2FS would be . Can we get support for F2FS in Centos 7 ? My preference would be just to re-do the root partition , and leave boot on ext4 as most work happens there . Any information would be very welcome . Is it something we could do through ELREPO perhaps ?

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Re: Support for F2FS type Hardware

Post by Super Jamie » 2014/12/04 12:16:45

grep -i f2fs /boot/config*

Red Hat have chosen not to compile in support for F2FS.

You're welcome to make a request on ELRepo, but this is not the correct place to do it, try the ELRepo website.

If you're a paying Red Hat customer you can also raise a feature request with them. If they get enough customers asking they might do it.

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Re: Support for F2FS type Hardware

Post by toracat » 2014/12/04 16:29:51

Yet another option will be to file a request at the CentOS bug tracker and have the feature enabled in the centosplus kernel.
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