XFS for Laptop

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XFS for Laptop

Post by williamjmorenor » 2014/07/18 15:14:05


I made a clean install of CentOS 7 KDE on my laptop, this time I have Secure Boot enabled (firts time than I install a Distro with Secure Boot enabled) and just let the installer to set the file system with the default option.

But I see than system boot fast, but shutdown is very slow, I am not sure if is something related to the filesystem (need chek log I now), or even I am not sure is XFS is better for a servar than for a laptop.

Any one have experience with XFS in a Laptop PC? I can keep this file system or better reinstall with ext4 for example?

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Re: XFS for Laptop

Post by crock » 2014/07/28 16:48:32

Not that I'm trying to revive a thread which appears ignored, I'm not sure XFS has anything to do with the way things shut down. I believe you may encounter similar issues even if you reverted to ext4.

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