Boot SATA recovery

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Boot SATA recovery

Post by drbonev » 2021/03/24 13:25:06

I have an off-piste question - one of my Centos 7 systems got flooded never to boot again. I managed to mount all my higher drives onto a USB SATA dock and read the data but the boot drive appears to locked and I can't see the directory tree on a simple mount, only a list of crash reports that appear outside the main partition. Is there a gentle way of peeping in to rescue some data without compromising any future chance of using as boot or shall I get heavyhanded with it and assume full control?

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Re: Boot SATA recovery

Post by BShT » 2021/03/24 20:14:28

try to dd it do another disk or file, then recover the clone

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Re: Boot SATA recovery

Post by tunk » 2021/03/24 22:13:28

You could also take a look at ddrescue.

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Re: Boot SATA recovery

Post by Whoever » 2021/03/26 02:12:02

I have a hard drive dock that takes two drives and will clone one to the other.

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Re: Boot SATA recovery

Post by TrevorH » 2021/03/26 02:52:24

What is the content of the filesystem? Show us examples.
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Re: Boot SATA recovery

Post by sywhk » 2021/05/03 17:34:16

Follow the below guide may get your machine up again or may be just help for backing up important data. Make sure you have the latest install dvd or the netinstall iso for CentOS 7 which include a rescue option. Good luck! ... -centos-7/ ... scue_Mode/

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