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Posted: 2021/11/23 23:56:51
by simon@bp
Is it possible to install the swtpm application on CentOS 7? If so, how?

Or are there alternatives that will allow a Windows 11 guest to be installed?

Re: swtpm

Posted: 2021/11/24 16:34:18
by sml
Have a look at their INSTALL document. It has instructions for how to build it from source on RHEL. However, one of its prerequisites is libtpm by the same author. You'll have to build it from source and install beforehand as well. And I guess python3-twisted must be built, too: the CentOS 7 repositories only have the Python 2 version available.

Re: swtpm

Posted: 2021/11/24 16:48:06
by TrevorH
If you need to build it for CentOS 7 then a good starting place would be to pick up the SRPMs for CentOS 8 (they're in EPEL) and rebuild those for CentOS 7 using the 'mock' utility. There are also newer versions of swtpm (libtpms seems to be the same version in both) in the Fedora 34 repos so an SRPM for those could also be a place to start.