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Fetchmail OAUTH2

Posted: 2021/05/04 10:32:44
by gw1500se
It appears that Fetchmail 7 is not yet available for CentOS 7 which contains builtin support for OAUTH2. However, there is supposed to be a patch for Fetchmail 6 that adds that support. Unfortunately I cannot find that patch. Can someone help me install OAUTH2 support? TIA.

Re: Fetchmail OAUTH2

Posted: 2021/05/04 13:17:26
by sml
I'm not aware of any distribution where fetchmail 7 is available. In fact, the fetchmail web site states:
On 2021-04-24, fetchmail 6.4.19 has been released
And their FAQ has this answer:
I9. How can I use fetchmail with GMail/Google Mail?
Google has started pushing towards more complex authentication schemes based on OAuth 2.0 that require clients and users to jump through quite a few hoops, and use web browsers for signing in. If this hinders access to your account through fetchmail, you may need to turn on access for "less secure apps" at

Re: Fetchmail OAUTH2

Posted: 2021/05/04 13:55:10
by gw1500se
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that is not an option with ATT/Yahoo which is why I'm looking for the patch.