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Scheduled snapshots not occurring with Timeshift

Posted: 2021/01/16 06:42:46
by VeeDub

I've installed Timeshift.

Manual snapshots are working, but scheduled snapshots are not.

I went to log a ticket on Timeshift, but received a message saying that there is no support and my ticket might not be viewed for months. :o

So I'm hoping to get some ideas here instead

I have the schedule set for hourly and I have confirmed that cron is running.

Here is an extract from the cron logs

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Jan 16 17:00:01 dev1 CROND[5606]: (root) CMD (/usr/lib64/sa/sa1 1 1)
Jan 16 17:01:01 dev1 CROND[5689]: (root) CMD (run-parts /etc/cron.hourly)
Jan 16 17:01:01 dev1 run-parts(/etc/cron.hourly)[5689]: starting 0anacron
Jan 16 17:01:01 dev1 run-parts(/etc/cron.hourly)[5704]: finished 0anacron
Jan 16 17:10:01 dev1 CROND[6155]: (root) CMD (/usr/lib64/sa/sa1 1 1)
Jan 16 17:20:01 dev1 CROND[6722]: (root) CMD (/usr/lib64/sa/sa1 1 1)
Jan 16 17:30:02 dev1 CROND[7304]: (root) CMD (/usr/lib64/sa/sa1 1 1)

Re: Scheduled snapshots not occurring with Timeshift

Posted: 2021/01/16 23:06:43
by VeeDub

I have figured this out.

A 'feature' of Timeshift.

It seems that if you have the Timeshift GUI app open, to monitor the status of Timeshift, then the scheduled snapshots don't run. If you close the app, then the snapshots are performed as scheduled.

Not entirely logical to me, but there you go that is how it seems to work.