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when will we have devtoolset-10?

Posted: 2020/12/29 13:38:17
by rexzhao
I've waiting for devtoolset-10 for a long time. Recently I noticed that RedHat has already published it ( ... oolset/10/), and it also exists in centos source repo ( But still I can not find it with "yum search".

I'd like to know 1) is devtoolset-10 already available in CentOS 7? 2) If so, how to install it ?

Re: when will we have devtoolset-10?

Posted: 2021/01/05 19:56:42
by chemal
Of those that usually do, only Oracle has already rebuilt the devtoolset-10 packages. You can use this repo file:

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name=Software Collection packages for Oracle Linux 7 ($basearch)