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nload for 32bit centos 7??

Posted: 2020/12/13 05:06:44
by The.Ex-pat
I'm running 7 32bit on an older laptop.
I only use it for ftp and proxy services and It's working good.

I want to be able to monitor the network speeds via nload. However, there is no epel repo for 32bit.
What can I do here. I've tried to use yum provides for various other programs like tcptrack and the like but I'm not finding anything.

What can a guy use to track the network performance on eth0?

Thanks all!

Re: nload for 32bit centos 7??

Posted: 2020/12/14 21:34:27
by bonedome
conky can do that, also these commands

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vnstat -i eth0 -l

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bmon -bp eth0