FreeIPA unable to connect via ldaps

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FreeIPA unable to connect via ldaps

Post by rsherry » 2020/10/05 19:24:07

I have a freeipa server version 4.6.6 and my clients on centos 7 are running sssd-ipa-1.16.4-37.el7_8.4.x86_64

My clients are connecting via ldap and tls authentication.

I want to be able to authenticate and talk via secure ldap port 636 since the 389 port has been shut down on the firewall. I have changed the client's sssd.conf to connect to ldap_uri = https://
also tried http://<host> :636

Openldap conf is also configured correctly, pointing to the https ldap url.
nmap from the client to the server show the port available. Telnet also connects.

Restarting sssd service I still see that it is trying to connect to http:// and ldap servers are not available.
I thought something with cache would be the issue, so cleared out the sssd cache and same problem, unable to connect to the server.

What could I be missing? Appreciate any suggestions and/or solutions.

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Re: FreeIPA unable to connect via ldaps

Post by TrevorH » 2020/10/06 06:58:32

It uses starttls over port 389 not SSL over 636.
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