Dolphin Ctrl+C/V/Z doesn't work

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Dolphin Ctrl+C/V/Z doesn't work

Post by vsamusenko » 2020/10/02 12:43:15


I have a fresh install of centos 7 with KDE and, for some reason, in dolphin copy and paste don’t work, right-click mouse menu is working, but shortcuts don’t, both of them, and also Ctrl+Z as well. Any ideas ? I did turn off klipper to test with no success and I checked the button pushes register in cent - yeah they register ok, but it seems they are interpreted wrong.

P.S. I work in VFX industry, so I'm forced to use Cent7 due to the VFX Platform rules, so no upgrade possible.

KDE SC Version 4.14.8
Linux 3.10.0-1127.19.1.el7

Thanks in advance for any help, this is frustrating as hell.

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