Audacity 2.3.3-2 question

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Audacity 2.3.3-2 question

Post by kissellj » 2020/09/06 22:33:04

I'm getting an error when I exit Audacity 2.3.3-2.el7. It states "A problem in audacity-2.3.3-2el 7 package has been detected
--- Running report_uReport ---
Failed to upload uReport to the server '' with curl: Could not resolve host:; Unknown error
Error: curl_easy_perform: Couldn't resolve host name
reporter-ureport failed with exit code 1
('report_uReport' exited with 1)
audacity killed by SIGABRT -abrt

This problem occurs sometimes when I try to execute audacity and sometimes when I exit the program. I went out to the Audacity website and it does have a newer version 2.4.2. I was looking for the rpm on Red Hats epel but could not find it for Red Hat 7 or CentOS. I'm not sure an update would fix this issue. Looking for suggestions?

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