Best SNMP-based Nagios plugins to monitor CentOS 7 servers

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Best SNMP-based Nagios plugins to monitor CentOS 7 servers

Post by sawozny » 2020/08/02 22:59:15

Dear CentOS gurus,

I’m implementing Nagios Core for monitoring and I’m looking to do host health monitoring via SNMP (decided against loading NRPE on all my servers). I see that check_snmp comes with the default install but rather than dig out the OIDs I need and write the code to do all the threshold tests I figured I’d use plugins from the Nagios Exchange. The problem is there are a LOT of them and they appear to vary WILDLY in quality. I was wondering if anyone had any plugins or plugin authors they could recommend that they’re using successfully for SNMP monitoring of CentOS 7 servers.

Tests I want to do over SNMP are: memory use % above thresholds, disk use % above thresholds, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min CPU % above thresholds, network interface up / down (and % above thresholds over time would be nice to have) and detecting whether not not certain named processes are running (but I can get that using a check_by_ssh if I had to). Basically all the major local checks, but done over SNMP.

I suppose I could just start testing or rejecting checks based upon reviews, but then that brings the quality of the reviewer into question (e.g. does a plugin work fine, but got poorly rated because the reviewer didn’t know how to implement it correctly, etc…). I’m asking here amongst CentOS 7 specialists to avoid reinventing the wheel. :)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: Best SNMP-based Nagios plugins to monitor CentOS 7 servers

Post by KernelOops » 2020/08/03 06:15:18

My personal suggestion, is to avoid nagios at all costs. Its a terrible software with no real security.

Instead, I urge you to try icinga, which is compatible with nagios plugins and has a real security feature set, better and more stable code, its open source and free.
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