installing pugixml (v>=1.0) on 32-bit CentOS7

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installing pugixml (v>=1.0) on 32-bit CentOS7

Post by missirol » 2020/07/14 12:51:28


I have a 32-bit machine running CentOS7, and I'm trying to install the pugixml package.


sudo yum install pugixml-devel

(as per the instructions I'm reading, which are tailored to 64-bit systems) unfortunately, in my case, returns

No package pugixml-devel available

I wouldn't need the latest version of pugixml, only a version equal to, or higher than, 1.0.

Is it possible to install pugixml on 32-bit CentOS7? If so, what would be the best way to do so?


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Re: installing pugixml (v>=1.0) on 32-bit CentOS7

Post by TrevorH » 2020/07/14 16:22:57

The package is from the third party yum repo, EPEL and they do not build or support 32 bit x86. Your only solution to that will be to download their SRPM and use mock to rebuild it for your o/s version.
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