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Problem with desktop icons locked at rpm install

Posted: 2020/06/07 22:23:31
by antonio1

by using Centos 7.6 I face a strange and hard problem to solve it. My rpm is installed and it should place a desktop icon to start the application. The icon appear on desktop of my user "adare" but it is locked as untrusted link. After searching on internet and performing lot of test I observed that I can change the icon to trusted by using the command <gio set myicon.desktop "metadata::trusted" yes> but this should be launched by adare user.
The big problem is that I want to build rpm to do this automatically, and the rpm is installed as root user. Even if I made a shell script owned and launched with adare user to set the gio for metadata it still not work, just if I introduce by hand from terminal.

How could I deliver in this case an application with desktop icon without giving hard work to do by hand for the operator?

Thank you,

Re: Problem with desktop icons locked at rpm install

Posted: 2020/06/08 13:31:26
by MartinR
Before anyone else jumps in I'll warn you that the response is likely to be "upgrade". 7.6 is pretty old, the current release of CentOS 7 is 7.8.2003. If Trevor sees this he'll undoubtedly inform you that there are X severe security problems and Y other security issues where X and Y may be quite large.