How to upgrade to latest cockpit package?

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How to upgrade to latest cockpit package?

Post by ecerichter » 2020/05/11 00:48:10

Platform: Centos 7 x64 with all updates.

I've installed standard Centos 7 cockpit package, which is version 195.6.
Anyone has directions on how to upgrade to latest 218 version?
I'm stuck on bug #13954 and need to upgrade to recent version > 214.



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Re: How to upgrade to latest cockpit package?

Post by TrevorH » 2020/05/11 09:23:51

Unfortunately it's not something we ship. What's in our repos is a rebuild of what is in RHEL which is currently 195.6-1.el7. If and when Red Hat update it in RHEL 7 then it'll be updated in CentOS too.
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