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Cacti - update crash

Posted: 2020/05/06 12:33:41
by lightman47
(Up to date CentOS 7 and everything else) - So, Cacti again began running its update when I logged into it yesterday. It started running, but got hung at 30% - when I ssh'ed in and checked the message log, it was loaded with selinux denials. Stupid me - I forgot to setenforce 0 before running the update! I tried setenforce at that point, but the update was hung. Now, less than a third of my Devices show up.

Any Cacti gurus out there who perhaps know how cacti updates? I suspect they run an mysql script; I'd like to try running it again, manually, so it might continue altering the tables and perhaps remedy this situation. I've tried a few scripts in the "cli" directory but to no avail.

Thank you.

Re: Cacti - update crash

Posted: 2020/05/06 15:13:07
by TrevorH
Did it finish? Whenever I've had problems with the update like that, it never lets me past the "you must upgrade me" screen (fixed by manually updating the version table behind its back).

Re: Cacti - update crash

Posted: 2020/05/06 15:21:58
by lightman47
It did not. I wound up closing the window, fully expecting it would simply restart again. Instead, cacti ran - with most devises 'missing'.

----- as luck would have it, BACKUP ran last night, backing up the bad databases! However, I have a backup backup that perhaps may not be yet overwritten. I'm off to fire-up that machine and see what's there.

Re: Cacti - update crash

Posted: 2020/05/06 16:17:36
by lightman47
Well - I had all the tables from sept 8 which I copied in and rebooted the server. I now cannot even login - the tables apparently aren't constructed in a way the program can access them. None of the only 3 user ids/passwords work. I tried yum re-install cacti which didn't help. The hope was to re-trigger the update that crashed.

Curiously - yum installs "cacti.noarch 0:1.2.11-1.el7", yet the login screen says "Version 1.1.19 | (c) 2004-2020 - The Cacti Group". That isn't helpful at all.

I don't know how much further I want to go with this; I need to think some more. As with most things here, it's non-critical but was nice when it worked.