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pcs cronjob

Post by spanagak » 2020/03/22 12:32:56

Hi guys?

I am new in linux and i would like to ask if is it possible to create a cronjob for pcs resource clean up command.

i am familiar with the day minute etc needed in front of the cronjob but i don't know if my thought is going to run.

I was thinking something about for example:

10 8 * * * root pcs resource clean.

Any suggestions?

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Re: pcs cronjob

Post by TrevorH » 2020/03/22 12:58:28

Well, yes, it's possible but really it's not a good plan. The correct way to fix it is to fix the error that causes the resource to need to be cleaned up in the first place. You'd also want to use full paths to the executable in cron and if using crontab -e to create it, the entry doesn't need or want the username specified - see man 5 crontab
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