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Re: edb-debugger install any ideas

Posted: 2020/03/05 19:43:25
by sml
CMake caches its data. Remove your build directory, then re-create it and run cmake .. anew:

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sudo rm -rf build
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
Replace the build above by the name of your build directory.

Re: edb-debugger install any ideas

Posted: 2020/03/06 14:26:46
by TrevorH
im not sure whether im missing something here but did you notice that i posted the running gcc underneath the fault this being gcc
Yes, you are missing something. When you use sudo, sudo clears all the environment set up by your user including those things set by running the scl command. It removes the path set up to point to the newer gcc so it runs as root, with an incorrect environment for scl, and the only copy of gcc it finds is the system one.