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YUM - trying other mirror

Posted: 2019/10/28 13:35:49
by ron7000
On CentOS 7.6, and 7.7, when I use YUM I often get a Trying Other Mirror when doing an update or a remove.

This is on my system at work, and I am behind a corporate firewall. However I have my corporate cert (.pem) file imported and everything yum and https related does work for the most part. But it is every so often with YUM, maybe 20% of the time, that I run into is trying other mirror and what happens is it tries what seems to be an indefinite list of repomod.xml's from different https edu and org sites. Until I control-c it and then it drops to the

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Dependencies Resolved:

Package      Arch       Version        Repository       Size

Is this ok [y/N] ?
and then I can continue and everything works as expected.

Just now, I have a local whatever.rpm file installed. This rpm file is in my /root/ folder. I should not need any kind of internet connection to install or remove it?

In doing a yum remove whatever it started doing the trying other mirror jazz so I went and got food. In the past things have timed out after however long dropping to the [y/N] input. Not this time. So I control-C it and then it quits searching for mirrors.

Was surprised this happened for remove. But I assume because doing yum remove whatever.rpm fails that i then did yum remove whatever it tried searching because yum didn't know it was a local file. When I installed it, it was via yum install whatever.rpm.

what's happening?
what am i doing wrong?
or is it normal operating procedure for that to happen for what i am doing and I should just expect to need to control-c my yum remove in a case like this when it's an rpm file residing simply as a file on the disk. I do not have it set up in any local repository.
However the trying other mirror will also sometimes happen when doing a yum update where I expect it to go online, and as far as I am aware I have everything set up on my end, and it's often where I'll get the dead:beef:cafe showing up in the searching list if that means anything.

Re: YUM - trying other mirror

Posted: 2019/10/28 13:45:14
by TrevorH
Next time, check the URLs listed and see if they are EPEL. If they are, complain to EPEL.