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Unable To Install Fonts System Wide

Posted: 2019/10/20 09:01:02
by webwarriortx
Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

I am switching from Ubuntu to centos because centos is designed more for servers than Ubuntu.

I am unable to setup the DVR MythTV because a font set seems to be missing system wide despite my attempt to install the fonts more than once.
The font in question is "Droid Sans". Yum shows that the "Droid Sans" fonts are available yet I get the following error when trying to setup MythTV:
MythFontProperties: Failed to load 'Droid Sans'
The fonts are apparently there but applications just can't seem to find them. Very frustrating to see them in yum but I am unable to use them! :cry: Help!


Re: Unable To Install Fonts System Wide

Posted: 2019/10/20 10:05:51
by TrevorH
yum install google-droid-sans-fonts

If you don't have EPEL installed already then you'll need to yum install epel-release first.

(To find that I used yum provides '*/*droid*' | grep -i sans to get a list of all files containing "droid" and then narrowed it down to ones with sans in and then picked one of the filenames it listed and plugged that into yum provides '$filename')

Re: Unable To Install Fonts System Wide

Posted: 2019/10/25 19:47:26
by webwarriortx
Thank you very much for your advice. Turns out something else is going on that I can't figure out. I dropped all the tables in mythconverg database and ran mythtv-setup intending to simply start over with all new settings, yet the front end refuses to connect to the backend on localhost, even on the same machine. I was trying so hard to restore my backup that I was unaware mythtv didn't work anyway as a fresh install. I am not sure what to do. I disabled all software firewalls because I don't need them since I am already behind a NAT but no front end works on my LAN, even the front end running on the server itself. I made sure to restart mythtv backend, but the front end just won't connect

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sudo systemctl start mythtv-backend
I am also able to log into MariaDB direct as user mythtv and password mythtv yet I can't launch any front end. Very frustrating!
This failure occurs with a fresh install which means it has nothing to do with my backup. Does it sound familiar to anyone and do you have advice?

Thank you