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CentOS 7.6 server crashes daily

Posted: 2019/10/04 15:12:54
by DrMartinus

on my virtual server I installed CentOS 7.6 with ISPConfig as backend. During the last days, I observe that the server crashes daily. The hardware support says that in its logs there is a "panic" remark which indicates a problem in the OS. Now I don't know how to trace it. There are plenty of log files, but I don't find anything unusual among them. There is clamav installed which runs via amavis. I have disabled root access via ssh and access it using a different user which I let become root once I'm logged into the server via ssh. So I think there is little chance for external intruders to do damage, particularly as I don't see any clue to that regard.

I would appreciate if anyone could give me a clue as to where to look for the cause of these crashes. It's just running a few websites and most of all email services.