Random error about logger command

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Random error about logger command

Post by jbailey » 2019/10/01 23:46:09

So I have this one server that, on occasion prints out errors to stdout complaining about the syntax of the logger command. For example, I was inside the MariaDB utility (mysql command) querying some local databases on this server. I safely exited the utility with the utility's "exit" subcommand, and then when I exited from my sudo tty, I suddenly got this on the terminal:

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MariaDB [pdns]> \q
[root@dns2 ~]# exit

logger: invalid option -- 'D'

 logger [options] [message]

 -T, --tcp             use TCP only
 -d, --udp             use UDP only
 -i, --id              log the process ID too
 -f, --file <file>     log the contents of this file
 -h, --help            display this help text and exit
 -S, --size <num>      maximum size for a single message (default 1024)
 -n, --server <name>   write to this remote syslog server
 -P, --port <port>     use this port for UDP or TCP connection
 -p, --priority <prio> mark given message with this priority
 -s, --stderr          output message to standard error as well
 -t, --tag <tag>       mark every line with this tag
 -u, --socket <socket> write to this Unix socket
 -V, --version         output version information and exit
I'm familliar with logger -- it's a great utility. What I don't get is why it is getting invoked out of what seems like thin air. I've checked for odd command aliases, quirkly bashrc files and so on, but so far, no explanation.

In this instance, I was attempting to return to my standard user's login (the one that got me into the server to begin with) when the logger error occurred, but there are other situations when this weird invocation of the logger command happens. I'll be honest -- I can't really put a finger on it.

Ideas on what might be causing this? It's probably something really stupid that I did inadvertently some time ago -- I'm just not sure where else to look.

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