no internet oracle database slow

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no internet oracle database slow

Post by nike » 2019/09/26 11:07:03

i have a centos 7.5 server with oracle 11g database and application which is run using apache (httpd) and php. this configuration is running fine . but problem arise when there is no internet connection. It goes slow processing in database in LAN network & also in server itself .If i delete its DNS configuration it is running fine.I cannot understand where is wrong in configuration . As DNS i use & anyone can help...thanks in advance plz help.....

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Re: no internet oracle database slow

Post by aks » 2019/09/29 07:34:07

This is a bit hard to read/understand.

First of all you should be on 7.7 by now.

Secondly it seems as though when the Internet goes down, the system goes slow? The particular point you mentioned was DNS. Your DNS is using the Google DNS out on the Internet. When the Internet goes down, I guess your machines are waiting for DNS replies for each DNS transaction (well time-out in this case).

I'd setup a local DNS caching server (as it'll probbaly be cached with your application(s) addresses by the time the Internet goes down). Altough if the Internet is down longer than the TTL, you'd probably still face the same issue.

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