ssl verification from server side

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ssl verification from server side

Post by nitin.jadhav » 2019/09/24 07:37:57

Hi There,
I have website running with self signed certificate(https) but every time I need to accept security warning ,is there any way to skip this from apache server side.
Please help with this because my login service is also running with https and I cant accept this each and every time.
I am using apache 2.4.6
Os: Centos 7.6
Thanks is advance. :)

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Re: ssl verification from server side

Post by stevemowbray » 2019/09/24 09:16:19

Installing a non-selfsigned certificate from letsencrypt would fix this.

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Re: ssl verification from server side

Post by TrevorH » 2019/09/25 20:36:34

Or tell your web browser to trust the self signed cert.
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