How to install mod_proxy_hcheck for Apache 2.4

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How to install mod_proxy_hcheck for Apache 2.4

Post by sawozny » 2019/09/23 22:09:33


Does anyone know how to install the health checking module mod_proxy_hcheck for the Apache httpd 2.4 install under CentOS 7? I found an answer for RHEL7 at, but it's behind the paywall and I can't get to it. Is anyone here aware of the solution?



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Re: How to install mod_proxy_hcheck for Apache 2.4

Post by TrevorH » 2019/09/23 22:31:54

For more information on the free Red Hat Developer subscription please see ... available/ gets you access to the KB.

Also yum provides '*/mod_proxy_hcheck*' shows it present in various packages from both SCL and also the IUS repo. The IUS one most likely will want to replace the one from base/updates and will follow upstream's latest version number. The SCL one is more likely to want to install alongside (or instead of) the base/updates copy and is generally seen as being a bit overcomplicated to use but comes from Redhat.
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