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Centos grub

Post by Hulio90 » 2019/09/18 22:15:57

Today I installed Ubuntu on my first disc (m2), then I installed Centos on my second disk (ssd). After reboot on grub menu I got listed Centos and Ubuntu. When I pick Ubuntu I get message:
error: can’t find command ‘linux’.
erroc: can’t find command ‘initrd’.

I found that if I change in grub config on Centos (in "setparams Ubuntu" part replace linux for linuxefi and initrd to initrdefi) it working and I can enter my ubuntu disk from grub.
The problem is, that every time when I update my grub on Centos ( grub2-mkconfig -o …) my config is overwritten and I need to change it again.
I’m looking for solution how to not overwritten my changes.

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