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[SOLVED] - CISCO Anyconnect directories

Posted: 2019/08/27 21:08:13
by warron.french
I know this is not, but I am hoping that someone else can tell me whether or not I require all of the following directories if I am creating an RPM:

1. /opt/cisco/anyconnect
2. /opt/cisco/vpn <= Isn't anyconnect the VPN client?
3. /opt/.cisco <= This hidden directory contains a directory with a PEM file in it.

Just wondering.
Thanks in advance,

Re: CISCO Anyconnect directories

Posted: 2019/08/30 02:48:28
by warron.french
Found my answer.

The /opt/cisco/anyconnect and /opt/.cisco directories are necessary; however, the /opt/cisco/vpn directory is not required on systems not connected or able to reach the internet.