how do I bug report a gnome sigsev ?

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how do I bug report a gnome sigsev ?

Post by ron7000 » 2019/08/27 18:52:04

in centos 7.6 it has been on more than one computer.
From a base install from centos-7.6.1810 iso everything is ok.
I connect to EPEL and fusion repo's and install some extra software and somewhere along the way when I try to do

ls /usr/lib/

the terminal window closes and the system generates an SIGSEV error and the abrt thing pops up.

I am pretty sure it has something to do with a somewhat large number of files in a given folder that causes this to happen, because if I do an "ls /home/ron" for example or on any other folder there's no problem. It's only those folders with lots of stuff in it.

What can I do to report something like this to get it fixed?

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