xRDP force quits on connect

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Re: xRDP force quits on connect

Post by obligatoryusername » 2018/12/13 16:26:07

stevemowbray wrote:
2018/12/13 10:38:59
Anaconda has lots of programs in its bin directory and some of them conflict with system packages. I don't think there's any way round this, you have to only add it to your path in shells that need it, not your login shell.
This is what I was afraid of but ultimately should only be a minor inconvenience. It seems the best way to do this is to create a custom profile in my terminal, call it "anaconda" and have it load the necessary path on launch. I know how to create a new profile in the terminal. In the command tab of the profile there is an option to run a custom command. What command would I add so that it loads the default bashrc PLUS the path to all anaconda files? What I tried was:

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export PATH=/home/user/anaconda3/bin:$PATH
This results in an error when I open a terminal with the profile though.

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There was an error reating the child process for this terminal. Failed to execute child process "export" (No such file or directory)
If I just execute that command on its on in a terminal though it works just fine.

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