packages in epel7 missing

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packages in epel7 missing

Post by burninhell » 2014/11/19 12:55:09

I am trying to migrate from CentOS 6.x to 7.
I am trying to istall prosody, which is a package in EPEL6 but not EPEL7.

my questions:

Do I have to use EPEL7 with CentOS7? Why the versioning of Repos?
Why aren't all packages from EPEL6 in the EPEL7 repo? Since these are binaries, they should run on every system. (of course depending on other packages, but these are binaries, too...)

I tried to build my own version, but you guessed it: "yum-builddep prosody" did not find a matching package. so now I could test if make runs through and google for the error and install a matching package one by one, but that seems to be not the right way.

What is the right way, if you are missing packages in centos?

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Re: packages in epel7 missing

Post by TrevorH » 2014/11/19 14:18:26

EPEL is not maintained by CentOS, it's a Fedora project.

Yes, you have to use the correct EPEL version to match the CentOS/RHEL version you are using. This is because the code is compiled using the system compiler and linked against all the libraries provided by the distro. You can't run el6 binaries on el7 - or at least not the majority of the time.

The correct thing to do is to raise a request on in the Fedora EPEL section to request that the package you are missing be built for EPEL7. That should get a response as to why it's not possible or a pakcage emerging into EPEL7 once it's built.
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Re: packages in epel7 missing

Post by avij » 2014/11/19 16:46:08

The request to have prosody in EPEL7 has already been filed:

You may want to add yourself to the CC list to keep yourself up-to-date of progress.

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