Python script shows unknown

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Python script shows unknown

Post by gnoovy » 2014/10/28 22:50:36

Hi everybody,

i hopy somebody can help me. I use centos as a Monitoring System with icinga. In this case i use the plugin Under my current produktive System with centos 5.9 the plugin works sucessfully. When i type in the Shell ./ -H <hostname> -U <user> -P <PWD> i get the message "WARNING : Memory - Server:...."
On the future System with centos 7 i only get UNKNOWN:. I don't know why. The plugin Needs python with pywbem. Are there differences between the Versions from centos 5.9 and 7? Do you see a solution in the code from the plugin?
The plugin can be downloaded here: ... FAdT-ktCUl

My Environment:

centos 5.9:
python 2.4.3-56 with pywbem 0.7.0-3

centos 7.0:
python 2.7.5-16 und pywbem 0.7.0-25

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Re: Python script shows unknown

Post by aks » 2014/10/31 16:03:14

So what happens if you pass the -v (verbose) flag? So reading the code, it seems to use CIM to retrieve status.

Please expand. State the WHOLE command line and ALL the output. Also state what hardware it's querying aginst (I note many "workarounds" in the code for Dell servers for example).

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