KVM/Virt-install --prompt issues

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KVM/Virt-install --prompt issues

Post by Arlion » 2014/08/23 15:58:41

Good Morning CentOS,

I have installed KVM/QEMU and is currently running and has guests fully operational under it. In fact, I have about 6 doing lab work atm. These were installed by various means, FTP and direct installs utilzing the GUI.

I am working on troubleshooting this issue:

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# virt-install --prompt
--name is required
--ram amount in MB is required
--disk storage must be specified (override with --nodisks)
An install method must be specified
(--location URL, --cdrom CD/ISO, --pxe, --import, --boot hd|cdrom|...)
I and another user on #centos (irc.freenode.net) have been troubleshooting this issues and havn't made any head way. I have also havn't been able to pull any useful logs.. Nothing pops up in /var/log/messages indicating a permission issue and journalctl -r shows nothing.

I guess, I am having the most difficulty tracking down logs to help pinpoint the issue.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: KVM/Virt-install --prompt issues

Post by codebauss » 2014/08/26 21:29:09


virt-install --prompt is deprecated more than likely in the version of virt-install you are using. I know on Fedora 20 when trying to run virt-install it states that it is deprecated rather than simply throwing an error like CentOS.



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