phpMyAdmin not available in epel Repo

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phpMyAdmin not available in epel Repo

Post by slwelch33 » 2014/07/16 10:29:33

I've been wondering why the package phpMyAdmin is no longer available in the epel repo.
It is available for all previous versions of CentOS (and Fedora).
Does anyone know if this will be added back into the repo?
Or, can anybody point me to where the question might be answered?

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Re: phpMyAdmin not available in epel Repo

Post by TrevorH » 2014/07/16 10:30:55

EPEL is still currently in beta for el7 and is not yet complete. Check on for the current status of the packages you're interested in and see if there are already requests for it.
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Re: phpMyAdmin not available in epel Repo

Post by Greg_E » 2014/07/16 11:57:16

Not that this solves your problem, but adminer seems to work perfectly so far. It's just php so no install and for simply creating databases and users, and assigning users to databases it has worked well for me so far.

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